Isabelle Welton receives Women's Board Award 2020
Press release

The partners

Economic partners who are committed to highlight the achievements of competent female board members:

Women's Board Award recognizes female directors who have the potential to serve as Chair of the Board.
The Vision

Goals of the Award

Switzerland has not yet unlocked its full potential when it comes to female talent at board level. The award nomination gives more visibility to competent female board members.

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The Jury

Election of the Winner

The jury that selects the winner has itself many years of experience on boards of directors. The composition was chosen with a view to the required competence and diversity of an objective and independent body.

The candidates have served at least five years as members of the board of directors of a renowned company, where they have made a major contribution to the value of the company. The business partners nominate high-performing female board members on this basis.

The Nominees 2020

In 2019, Women's Board Award was launched in Switzerland to recognise female excellence and performance at the highest level of management. Gunnar Eckbo originally launched the award in Scandinavia, where it was first presented in Norway (2010) - followed by Sweden (2012), Denmark (2014) and Finland (2016).